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The Amazon River’s Mouth Is At Risk!

We need the support of your organization, NGO, movement or collective to stop oil and gas exploration that will bring serious damage to the Amazonian environment!


ARAYARA.org, Greenpeace, WWF and OC (Observatório do Clima) have already signed and invite you to participate in this action.

❌ The plan to drill new wells in search of oil and gas in the sedimentary basin of Foz do Amazonas, in the extreme north of the Brazilian coast, causes a very serious alert due to the socio-environmental sensitivity of the area. Furthermore, it is a wrong decision to invest in the drilling of exploratory oil wells in the midst of the climate crisis.

❎ We need to make a fair and inclusive energy transition to renewables.

❌ The environmental licensing of block FZA-M-59 has gaps and weaknesses that compromise a robust analysis by IBAMA on the case and on the viability of this type of activity throughout the region of Foz do Amazonas, where the largest volume of freshwater flows in the world, coming from the Amazon River.

❎ Civil society organizations prepared a letter to be sent to representatives of the executive branch of the Brazilian federal government, warning about the socio-environmental risks and requesting that the Operating License for block FZA-M-59 not be emitted until there are robust studies on the region, such as the Environmental Assessment of Sedimentary Area (AAAS), and broad participation of civil society.


Sign the form below:

Save the Amazon Coast!


Let’s go together .


The great Amazonian reef system. Infographic: Rodolfo Almeida/SUMAUMA

The great Amazonian reef system. Infographic: Rodolfo Almeida/SUMAUMA

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  1. sue lindley

    Stop destroying our Planet for money and greed


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